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Working hard to give you the outcome you deserve.

The Law Office of Miracle C. Jackson, LLC works hard to give you quality legal representation.  Your case will be personally handled by an experienced Georgia Attorney.  At the Law Office of Miracle C. Jackson, LLC, we will work hard to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  That is why we provide skilled attorneys who will actively be involved in your case from beginning to end.  Contact us to discuss your legal matters today!

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Atlanta, Georgia 30317

Georgia Lawyer Looking Out for Your Best Interest

Ask three different people who have been through a divorce or a criminal case what you should expect in your case and you will probably hear three different answers. That is because every case is different. That's why you need legal representation that is focused on your specific situation.

At the Atlanta Law Office of Miracle C. Jackson, LLC, we tailor our legal services to meet the needs and goals of our clients in the areas of family law and criminal defense.

Family Law: Whether you are seeking a cooperative resolution to a child custody matter or need protection from domestic violence, you can count on us to handle your case with understanding and compassion.

Criminal Defense: First-time DUI, repeat DUI, a marijuana possession charge — whatever criminal charge you face, we are here to provide an aggressive defense.

Get honest, accurate information about your case and quality legal representation that gets results. Contact our Atlanta law office today.

What Do We Mean by Quality Legal Representation?
It starts with personal attention.

Some attorneys appear on TV talking about how they help clients like you, but when you actually contact them, it's a paralegal that does all the work on your case. That's NOT what we consider a cornerstone of quality legal service.

At the Law Office of Miracle C. Jackson, LLC your legal matter is handled personally by an experienced Georgia criminal defense or family law attorney — a partner in the firm — not by an assistant or paralegal. Our goal is to help you secure the best possible outcome in your divorce or criminal case. We think the best way to achieve that goal is for a skilled lawyer to be actively involved with your case from beginning to end.
  • We answer phone calls promptly.
  • We take the time to answer your questions.
  • We are at your side in court.
We provide every client with the personal attention they deserve. Contact us to discuss your legal matter.