Drug Possession

A Strong Defense Against Criminal Drug Possession Charges

You can get charged with criminal drug possession (a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA)) if you are found in possession of any amount of a controlled substance, such as:

  • Prescription drugs without a valid prescription
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Heroin

Understanding the Possible Outcomes of a Drug Charge

If you've been charged with drug possession in Georgia, you face serious criminal consequences. Sentences for possession of illegal drugs range from a minimum of 1 year in jail to possible time in prison. For example:

  • Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, a misdemeanor charge, could result in a sentence of 1 year in jail or 12 months of probation, or a combination of jail and probation.
  • Possession of more than an ounce of marijuana, or other controlled substance, is a felony and you face a possible sentence of more than 1 year in prison.

What to do if Charged with a Drug Offense

Get accurate legal advice and skilled representation right away. At the Law Office of Miracle C. Jackson, LLC, we specialize in drug defense and are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you fight your drug possession charges. Contact our Atlanta criminal defense firm for a free consultation.

There are several things an experienced criminal defense lawyer can do to fight drug possession charges. We know from experience that things are seldom as simple as the police report suggests. We examine the evidence against you to see if we can identify inconsistencies or problems with the case. We file motions to suppress evidence or statements that were illegally obtained. We thoroughly prepare your case for trial and put you in the best position possible.

Drug possession charges may seem minor, but the consequences may have an impact on your education, housing and job opportunities. Whenever possible, we fight to get all charges dismissed.

If a dismissal is not possible, we work to obtain an outcome with the least negative consequences. Many people who have been arrested for the first time for misdemeanor marijuana possession are eligible for conditional discharge, meaning a criminal conviction will not appear on their record.

For others, pleading no contest and enrolling in a risk reduction course means they can keep their driver's license, even if they are convicted of drug possession.

Every case is different. Based on the facts of your case and your needs, we will tailor a defense that is specific to you. We make sure you can take advantage of all possible opportunities for dismissal or a reduced sentence.

Contact our Atlanta criminal defense firm to learn more about what we can do to defend you against drug possession / marijuana possession charges. We defend people in the greater Atlanta area, including Fulton County, DeKalb County, Clayton County, Henry County, Fayette County, Cobb County, Gwinnett and Cherokee County.